The piles were grouped into a variety of cap and slab configurations and positioned to suit the relatively tight site dimensions. The site constraints allowed for the utilisation of only one rig. The piles were required to be constructed from the existing ground level and prior to the basement excavation. The design was conducted in accordance with Eurocode 7.

Ground Conditions

The upper 3.5 to 5.0m comprised highly variable made ground. This was underlain by the Hackney Gravel member, which extended to a depth of approximately 10.5 metres below ground level. The Hackney Gravel member was subsequently underlain by the London Clay formation. The ground water was static and located in the Hackney Gravel member at a depth of 6.7m. The proposed basement required the pile cut-off levels to range between 6.0 and 7.5m below the existing ground surface.


The bearing piles were designed to diameters of 600mm, with lengths ranging from 21.1 to 28.3m below the existing ground surface. All the piles were founded into the London Clay formation. The method of installation was continuous flight auger (CFA) execution using a Soilmec SF-65. In order to utilise lower partial ground resistance factors, one working pile load test was carried out. The load test results were sufficient to satisfy the relevant serviceability requirements.

All access, egress and delivery operations were tightly monitored and coordinated throughout the duration of the project. Due to the high pedestrian footfall and vehicle/cycle traffic the area was particularly sensitive to heavy plant movement and bespoke logistical management was paramount to our success on this contract. Special care was also taken to comply with contractual stipulations associated with the immediate surrounding residential and commercial properties.

Plan view of working area within the excavation.



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