Continuous Flight Auger Piling Techniques

Continuous flight auger piles are constructed by injecting concrete through the hollow stem of the auger, with the spoil being extracted in one continuous movement as the auger is withdrawn. After the pile head is cleared of debris steel reinforcement is submerged into the high slump concrete.

CFA piling is a particularly economical choice of piled foundation in sands, gravels and low grade rock as this process requires no casings or drilling fluids.

cfa piling

Plant and Equipment

We offer an expanding fleet of CFA rigs from 5T to 65T. Pile sizes range from 300mm to 1200mm and up to 30m depth. To help us ensure pile integrity all rigs are fitted with computer monitoring systems which record pile dimensions, concrete pressures and volumes.

In addition to the piling rig, all machines will be supplied with concrete pumps and on larger sites concrete holding drums.