Ground anchors and soil nails are commonly used to stabilise slopes and excavations, generally in conjunction with other geotechnical products.

Using our restricted access equipment we can, for example, provide anchors to support retaining walls. This reduces the need for pile sizes, potentially increasing basement size and reducing costs. They are formed using high strength steel bars embedded to a predetermined depth with grout used to bond the anchor to the soil. Reduced wall settlements can be achieved by pre-stressing the anchor prior to the basement excavation.



Central Piling offer permeation and infill grouting alongside piled solutions where solution features or man-made voids exist. A variety of machines can be used to install a relatively low strength mix to ensure the stability of the soil mass is achieved and that drilling of piles beyond the affected zone is possible.

Other Products

On selected contracts, in addition to the piling works, we offer a variety of other products. These include: piling platform installation and maintenance, ground beam and slab construction, aswell as spoil removal and pile trimming.

This can be supplemented by the provision of on-site engineering support and management, welfare units and toilet facilities.