Construction Techniques

With Central Piling’s extensive background and coverage across the segmented market, it has allowed us to widen our scope of construction techniques.

Piling Techniques can be split into two categories, displacement and replacement. Each category has its advantages and disadvantages to why and what situation is needed. A contributing factor in choosing the correct process and technique is ground type and ground condition. With our own in-house ground testing team Central Piling can find the right situation for you.

Central Piling offers an extensive range of piles and pilling techniques to suit most structures

Our Construction Techniques


The temperature differential between the ground and soil provides a means of heating or cooling buildings during the winter and summer months respectively.


Rotary rigs create the pile bore by removing the soil in sections, approximately a metre deep, until the design depth has been reached. At this stage full depth reinforcement cages, steel sections or permanent casings can be easily installed prior to the placement of concrete.


Central Piling has a variety of bored and driven piling rigs suitable for house extensions, basement construction and restricted access sites.


In addition to the piling works, we offer a variety of other products like anchors, grouting, piling platform installation and maintenance, ground beam and slab construction, aswell as spoil removal and pile trimming.


Driven piles are installed by dropping a hammer weight on a pre-formed pile. When the pile moves a predetermined distance for a given hammer drop height, the pile capacity has been achieved.


We offer a variety of bored pile retaining walls when provision for temporary and permanent support for basement excavations is required.


CFA piling is a particularly economical choice of piled foundation in sands, gravels and low grade rock as this process requires no casings or drilling fluids.