Attendances & Platforms

To ensure the stability of construction plant a working surface needs to be provided that will not settle excessively under the weight and working pressures of the equipment.

This generally takes the form of a compacted crushed granular material with, in some instances, geotextiles used provide to additional support.

Where sufficient attention is not paid to the design, installation or maintenance of a working platform, piling rigs may become unstable and accidents occur.

Guidance on these issues can be found in BRE Report BR470; however, we can carry out the design of the working platform together with the provision of a method statement and a supervisory visit. This is offered free of charge as part of any piling contract. If required we can also install and maintain the working platform for the duration of our works.

The ICE Specification for Piling and Embedded Retaining Walls suggests that a certificate is used as part of a quality assurance procedure.