Central Piling New Site Investigation Division

Central Piling’s New Service Aims to Save Clients’ Money.

Specialist ground engineering contractor Central Piling is set to save clients’ money with the launch of a new site investigation division.

The new site investigation service comes as part of the company’s 40th anniversary* celebrations which are being marked by an ambitious development programme that has already seen the establishment of its first regional office.

Central Piling’s rationale for the new site investigation service is that it is an integral part of the development process, as a well-designed investigation can save project costs and make designers aware of potential geotechnical and environmental issues.

Specifically, it will help clients commission more focused site investigations with construction solutions in mind. By having the option of the same contractor carrying out the site investigation and the foundation works there will be potential for reducing the construction programme and also “de-risking” the project.

The company’s 40-year expertise in pile design and construction makes Central Piling ideally suited to provide clients with robust ground investigation and consultancy services including   finite analysis modelling, slope stability, retaining walls and foundations.

And where required it partners with trusted sub-contractors, laboratories and consultants to provide clients with geo-environmental analysis and advice as part of a wider exploration. The firm’s utilities and UXO desk studies provide information regarding potential hazards prior to any intrusive ground investigation and construction work taking place.

Central Piling’s new site investigation division covers services such as ground investigation and boreholes. The former uses Dando cable percussion rigs for a cost-effective drilling technique that provides in-situ tests, along with the ability to install groundwater and ground gas monitoring wells.

The launch of the new division is also in response to the increased demand for basements as a means of adding extra space to a variety of properties but particularly private domestic properties.

A Basement Impact Assessment (BIA), using state-of-the-art 3D numerical analysis software for finite element analysis, will provide a soil/structure interaction analysis prior to construction. Central Piling has a long history of using this methodology to win agreements with water and rail authorities where structures are to be constructed adjacent to their assets.

In addition to this, Central Piling offers advice on temporary works design – construction methodology for basement construction sequencing and detailed design for propping schemes – and permanent works design – advice on foundation solutions for new developments.

The new service from Central Piling also includes noise and vibration monitoring, extensometers, inclinometers and deformation monitoring methods which clients can use as part of an observational technique design approach to basement construction, potentially reducing propping requirements and construction programme durations.

Other services are pile testing elements including tests for pile integrity tests, static loads, and concrete cubes and slumps.