A day in the life of … Lee Durrant

Lee Durrant, 39, joined Central Piling as a banksman 12 years ago. He’s also been a rig driver. Here he describes a typical (or not so typical) day as an operations supervisor, his job for the past two years.

I have worked my way up to my current job role with the help and support of the company and my favourite aspect of it is that no two days are the same.

As an operations supervisor I can be responsible for overseeing anywhere from two to eight sites at a time, and this involves setting up the jobs from a pre-start meeting all the way through to the completion of the piling works. I am constantly in touch with the clients and the piling crew to try and ensure a smooth running of our works.

Monday morning is my most regular routine as I generally start in the office which means I don’t need to get up until 6am. This allows me to have breakfast with my son Bradley who has a strict routine of up and breakfast done by 6.30am because he hates being late for school!

It takes me about an hour to drive the 30 miles to the office from our family home in Harwich so before I leave at 7am I always wake up my wife Annmarie and my daughter Teaghan as they prefer to have a little more sleep than Bradley.

Once I arrive at the office and warm up the computer my first task is normally catching up on all the piling logs which have been sent to me from the rig drivers running the live sites that I am currently supervising.

Along with making sure my sites are up and running this takes about an hour and takes me up to our weekly toolbox talk which is delivered by the Health and Safety manager Colin Newman. The subjects vary week by week but this weeks was on drugs and alcohol, being as we are in the run-up to the festive season. Everyone who is in the office and yard must attend the toolbox talk and sign in to show attendance.

After the toolbox talk we try to hold a weekly contracts meeting which I actually managed to attend this week. This is a general sit down between departments to discuss the upcoming week and jobs and to share any relevant information that may need to be shared.

This week’s meeting was fairly straightforward and gave me enough time to join Roger Cox (contracts director), Sam Nicole (contracts manager) and Colin at the local café for breakfast before I need to leave for a client meeting. I like Mondays – it means no sandwich on the go for lunch!

After breakfast I hit the road, allowing enough time to make my site meeting with one of our more regular customers to discuss the Health and Safety and logistics plans of an upcoming contract in Hackney. The meeting lasts about an hour and I got all the relevant information I needed to put together a site visit sheet and logistics plan for the transport and buying department so they can start planning deliveries for the job.

We already have a live site which I am supervising in Hackney so I decided to pop over and surprise them with a cheeky little five-point safety audit. Everyone loves a safety audit! We try and do these once a month on each of our sites so we can ensure our sites are running efficiently and safely.

We are coming to the end of this contract so space is disappearing quickly but the crew are working well. I spent roughly two hours on site because I like to watch how the boys are working as opposed to filling out a form and leaving. This took me nicely up to about 4.30pm so I left site and started making my way home.

Luckily for me traffic was kind to me and I made it home with enough time to grab a snack, hug my kids, kiss the wife and run out the door to go to rugby training at my local club where I also coach an under 13s side. This is definitely my favourite pastime and makes my Sundays a pleasure to wake up to.

So there you have it, a not-so-typical day in my life at Central Piling.